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December 13, 2018

Seagull Engine Racing - Bermuda | The Great Race 2004 | 'Chummy Memorial Round-the-Island Seagull Race' | Propspring | 2004 Results | Pictures from RISR | WANTED/ FOR SALE | THE GREAT RACE … WAIKATO RIVER NEW ZEALAND… 2004 | Waikato River 2003 - first timers story |

The Great Race 2004

2004 Annual Heineken
‘Round the Island Seagull Race'

“The Best Outboard Motor for the World”

The great race was held at St George's Dinghy Club on June 26th after a weeks postponement due to bad weather, with a post race BBQ and Heineken raffle.

Pre-race sign up was on Wednesday 16th June - at Robin Hood. Thanks to them for once again hosting us.

Prizegiving and Heineken T-shirt/beers distribution was held on Friday 2nd
July at Docksiders - back room.
We thank them for allowing us to use their facilities.

A big THANK YOU to HEINEKEN who donated some wonderful prizes and
Esso for donating vouchers to the crash boats who do a great job making sure everyboby gets home safely.

The post race dinner was enjoyed by all, just the thing needed after a days racing.

Thanks to the band who played late into the evening.

The raffle proceeds and the race profits will go to the Audobon Society for either donating to the purchase of the land up in Somerset in a joint effort with the National Trust or else go towards the purchase of the Longtail Igloos.